Easy, Flexible, Affordable!

Easy, Flexible, Affordable!

Readlap works by offering you a free trial which will provide 1 credit from which you can purchase an audiobook.
Books are purchased with CREDIT and eaach book no matter ther lenght, author or genre is worth 1 CREDIT.
You dont need to subscribe to buy a book. Just buy a credit and use the credit to buy the any book.
The price of a credit depends on whether you have a subscription and the level of the plan. Credit don't expire.
ReadLap Membership...

ReadLap Membership...

As a Readlap member, your subscription includes:

Readlap basic monthly membership is $3.95 which gives you 1 credit per month.
The Standard monthly membership costs $5.98 which gives access to 2 credits per month.
The Premium monthly membership costs $7.98 which gives access to 3 credits per month.

Credit does not expire.
1 Credit = 1 Book of your choice.
Membership purchase adtional credit at 30% discount and also get access to exclusive sales and promotion.

Note: 1 Credit = 1 Book no matter the author, genrre or lengh.

Download the apps!

Download the apps!

Access your audiobook library from any Android device by downloading and installing our free app! The app is streamlined and intuitive, allowing you to quickly access, download and play your audiobooks on the go.

Getting Started

1) Download and Install The Android App

Download and install ReadLap mobile app from Google playstore or from our server.
Open the mobile app on your device after it is installed.
As a new you user, register as a member by providing just the following a) Name, Email address and c) Password.

2) Confirm Your Email Address (optional)

To receive your free Credit and to be able to participate in our monthly promotions, you will have to confirm your email address.
A confirmation link will be sent to the email address you provided.
Click on it and that's all!

3) Start Listening to Your Favorite Title

To listen to a book you have to buy that book with a credit.
1) Tap on the book you want to listen
2) Tap on "Get This Book"
3) Use your available credit to purchase the book.
NOTE: Get more credits by a) Confirming your email. b) Purchasing it or c) Become a member

4) Become a Member and Have More Fun

Subscribe to a subscription plan and enjoy:
1) 1 to 3 credits per month.
2) up to 30% on extra credit purchase.
3) Access to Exclusive Deals and promotions/